Pre Purchase Inspection

Want peace of mind during the home buying process? We offer detailed home inspections and comprehensive written reports. We take the time and care to thoroughly examine and evaluate all aspects of the home, its major components and systems.

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Pre Sale Inspection

Want more out of your home? Our pre-sale inspection covers all aspects of the home, its major systems and components. We provide a detailed written report including our suggestions for how to maximize the value in your home.

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Radon Testing

Concerned about radon in your home? We collect air samples and have them sent for analysis by certified radon specialists. Our laboratory has been analyzing radon in air for clients, just like you, for over 30 years. Make sure your air is safe and order a radon test for your new or existing home.

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Air Quality / Mold Testing

Concerned about potentially toxic mold spores in your home? Our Mold Test procedure allows us to collect up to 10 air samples. Air samples are taken using spore traps to capture airborne spores in your living spaces. Once complete, accredited aerobiologists examine your air samples for mold types and potential toxicity.

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Asbestos Testing

Concerned about asbestos in building materials? Have us collect samples and submit them for quick, accurate analysis in our laboratory. We test all types of materials for asbestos content including insulation and tile.

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Water quality Testing

Concerned about your water quality? Have us collect water samples and test them for a wide range of contaminants. Our partner lab has been analyzing waterborne contaminants for over 30 years for private citizens, businesses and municipalities.

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